American Chemical Society Student Affiliates

What's going on with the ACSSA

Hey guys!

Welcome back to CMU, hope classes started out well and everyone is ready for the big game on thursday! We had our first E-board meeting on monday evening and started planning a lot of events and activities we have coming up soon. As always we are doing the goggle and notebook sales in Dow this year, it is our biggest fundraiser and we hope to make it a huge success again. Attatched to this email is a breakdown of times us officers have signed up to help sell the notebooks and goggles, but there are still a few time slots we need help in so check that out and let us know. Also, if you want to help at any time, just come into Dow and find us, the more people selling the better, we can always use all of your help as much as you are willing to give it.


Our first meeting is going to be next TUESDAY, September 5th at 5 pm in Dow 237, the chemistry library. this is due to labor day being monday, but we still feel like we need to meet because we have "CMU and You" day coming up, as well as chemistry week in a month or so and many other items to discuss, so come with your ideas for fundraisers and also be ready to sign up for different events we are going to need help for.

Start looking for new members too! Our big recruitment meeting is going to be the meeting on the 18th, but the sooner we start getting the word out, the more people we can have join! Hope to see you all at the meeting and helping out with the goggle/notebook sale. If you have any questions email any of the officers and we'll get you the info you need.

Have a good day!

— Luke Voss, 06/07 Communications Chair